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Are you come here to find the best home surveillance camera? Isn’t it? If you are worried about your kids and your pets, check out a quick checklist and five functional security systems and surveillance cameras that pay off.

We picked up five valuable, helpful and included more positive feedback home CCTV indoors and outdoors, which is best for kids, pets, and home. Look at the best-unbiased review below.

So, in this Content:

1. Top Benefits to having a Surveillance Camera in Home

2. Ring Stick Up Wireless Surveillance Camera

3. Wyze Home Surveillance Camera

4. Reolink Argus Eco Surveillance Camera

5. Conico Security Camera

6. Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Surveillance Camera

7. Conclusion

1. Top Benefits to having a Surveillance Camera in Home

First, tell me that why you should need a surveillance camera in your home or office? Maybe, you say that to monitor employee or to monitor your kids’ movement and for security. That’s it? Now, I would like to add some others benefits for your acknowledgement.


  • If you have pets and are always busy with your work, a CCTV is the best option to connect with your pet. Most of the camera has two-way voice operating features now.
  • Next is to customize a voice recorder that you can set up in your outdoor camera to scare unwanted guest. 
  • To monitor any danger so that you could aware and take action quickly.
  • Also, the surveillance camera comes with a sync facility; even you are miss checking any movement. Still, you get all recordings in the connected app. So, feel free to bring a CCTV to your home. It also crucial for the office as well. 
  • After that, if you are busy with your work and can not monitor your kids and pets, you cloud to share your monitor with others and freely work longer. You also get the best digital weighing machine in your home to Stay Fit and organized, then check the Digital Scale review.

So, check out the top five cameras overall features below.

2. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Home Surveillance Camera

What would be your first choice when buying home surveillance or a home CCTV? I think, best quality with best features of the product. Here I picked the Ring brands wireless surveillance, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor monitoring. Let’s look at the top features that you get in this security camera.

Features of the Ring Home Surveillance Camera: 

  • 1080p HD vision.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Easy noise cancelation.
  • Battery-powered surveillance camera.
  • It works with Amazon Echo.
  • 5.5” display.
  • Connect to all Ring device.

The ring camera can record night vision with 1080p HD video starting with the resolution, covering every corner and live view. You can check and monitor from anywhere and anytime with the Ring app. 

The two-way audio function is a good feature. So, whenever you see your friends or a delivery person and hear their words, you can quickly reply to people from your mobile, tablet or select Echo device with the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery CCTV camera. 

Ring home cctv

Extra Benefit of this Wireless Surveillance:

Ring company also provide a “Ring Protect Plan” so that you can record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 60 days, and definitely can share videos and photos. If you want more, you can buy the Ring protect plan subscription, which will sell separately.

You can get real-time notifications, alerts that will probably everyone look after. 

Also, you can customize the motion zones, create privacy zones, activate and disable recordings; when you connect all your ring doorbells and ring camera with the Ring protect plan, you get a better result.

After that, if you are worried about privacy, want to change linked accounts, remove shared users, then contact the Ring control centre. They will guide you to solve everything.

Finally, you need to know that most users share positive reviews on this security camera. Now, take a look at some cons as well for precise information.

ring wireless camera notification

Cons of the Ring Home Surveillance Camera: 

  • One disturbing thing that I notice in this camera is that it needs high-speed internet to operate. If you do not have a speedy internet connection, the recording is corrupted and can not record a clear view.
  • Ring company do not mention the materials well, and if it is waterproof or not, that not specified. 
  • I’m not sure about the battery durability and the warranty because the company does not specify those. 
  • According to the review, the price of the product is much higher than the quality.

Still, if you found the Ring Surveillance Camera worth it and fulfil your need, you can buy it from the link below. 

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3. Wyze Surveillance Camera

Now, we are moving to the next home CCTV in this series, which is Wyze wireless surveillance. We will start with features again.

Wyze Home Surveillance Camera Features:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution with night vision.
  • You can live stream from anywhere.
  • It can rotate 360-degree with 93 degrees vertical up/down range.
  • Two-way audio speaking facility. Audio and Motion features.
  • Only wi-fi operated camera.
  • Can works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Included micro SD card slot function. Compatible with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or FAT32 microSD cards. 
wyze camera notification features

This Wireless Surveillance Camera Benefits:

After the significant points, let’s take a look at some other information. As you can see that you can monitor everything from the office with full HD live streaming. You can also store everything on free cloud storage for 14 days, provided by Wyze camera, or you can simply record through a MicroSD card.

The Wyze camera mainly connects with 2, 4GHz wi-fi (does not support 5G) and apple, android mobiles. You can get push notifications so that you acknowledge each unwanted movement. 

Finally, you can control everything through the Wyze app. You can share your video, can remove the unwanted video and also customise everything.

Finally, the camera is budget-friendly; you get it under $50.

Wyze camera features

Cons of Wyze Home Surveillance Camera: 

  • It has better features compared to the previous one. Still, the camera does not support 5G, which is a negative side because the world is moving to the next generation, and you need the fastest connection. 
  • Most of the users share mixed feedbacks, neither too good nor bad. 
  • Now, it is up to you to buy according to features and check it by yourself or not.     

Check the link below to buy.

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The Reolink wireless camera bundle is exciting to me, and you get two things under $100. So, take a look below.

Top Features of Reolink Argus Eco:

  • Waterproof and operated by PIR sensor.
  • 2, 4 GHz wi-fi operated wireless camera.
  • Easily access on IOS, Android, Windows or Mac.
  • The camera can run by a high performance 5200mAH battery or with a solar panel.
  • You can record 1080p full HD video, and it perfectly works at night.
  • Also, you can store all videos on the cloud and as well on a microSD card. 
  • Two-way talk works with Google Assistant and Alexa.  
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor.

Benefits of this Surveillance Camera:

As you can see, it is a waterproof camera, so you do not worry about your atmosphere or location. It can record 365 days without quit. Also, a high capacity battery with HD support is good recording features. You can quickly get real-time notifications and motion detections. Google assistance helps you to operate fast. 

Finally, you can efficiently operate the camera with the Reolink app, and the company said that you do not need any subscription to use the app. Now, take a look at the solar panel features.

reolink camera features

Essential Features of the Solar Panel:

  • The solar panel compatible with the Reolink battery and argus 2, 3, argus eco, argus pro, argus three pros, argus PT, go PT and reolink go etc. 
  • Solar panel absorb sunlight and keep your camera work well every day. Also, you do not need to change your battery frequently because of the solar panel.
  • The solar panel comes with a 43 feet/13-meter wire. According to your home structure, you can easily set up the camera in the sunrays direction. 
  • As you already know, the camera has water resistance functionality, so the solar panel has the same features. So, you need not worry about rain and heavy storm.
  • Now, you might be looking for a warranty, so the company offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty on the product.
Reolink Wireless Surveillance

Reolink Bundle Benefits:


It has a 1GB cloud storage facility with a CMOS sensor full HD clear view and recording. You can easily store recordings as many time as you want. Also, you can sync all Reolink cameras to the app and control, customize everything from one place. 


You can download videos anytime and share them with your clients, friends, family members, etc. everything can be controlled by you with the Reolink app.


If you are busy with your work, you can still monitor your kids’ movement and office employees movement. Also, you do not need to type a lot, as you can quickly speak by google voice and see what happens in your surveillance area. You can play Golf and check your position, shot later and correct accordingly. Check our review to buy the best rangefinder.


The best thing about the Reolink camera triggers a built-in motion feature. It is a relief; you can set a customized voice alert that can evenly activate and control remotely. The camera siren in 75db or your customize voice alert automatically scare away the unwanted. 

Source: Reolink Official Website

Some Cons of the Reolink Wireless Surveillance:

Till now, I talk about the best features and all that. But, you also need to know the other side of the coin. If there is an average or negative side has or not? So, let’s find out if any,

Personally, I could not find any significant negative features on it. Still, the camera only operated by 2, 4GHz wi-fi; it could have improved for higher data functionality. Also, the camera needed a high-quality battery to monitor; if you run with a low powered battery, maybe you get low-quality recordings.

Now, it is all up to you to buy for home or the office. To purchase, check the link below.

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5. Conico Security Camera 

Finally, we are into the review of the second last surveillance camera. So, quickly look around the features first.

Conico Home CCTV Features:

  • Best for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Tow-way talking features work with Alexa.
  • 1080p HD recordings with 360-degree coverage(315-degree pan and 90-degree tilt rotation).
  • It has two types of recording functions, one is uninterrupted recording, and the other is detection recording.
  • Camera run by 2, 4GHz wi-fi (does not support 5G).
  • It also included 8 infrared LED light for the night monitor.
  • Certified by IP66, the camera is waterproof and dustproof.
  • You get 2 cameras, one is a pet camera, and one is an outdoor camera. 
  • Also, you can zoom 8 times of a picture. Easy to monitor.
  • Can store your recordings video in the cloud or on an SD card.
conico camera features

Benefits of the Conico Home Surveillance Camera: 

If you are looking for two cameras at a reasonable rate, then the conico camera is the best choice. Because it comes with an indoor camera and one outdoor camera, so, you can easily monitor your kids and pets from inside and from outside. Secondly, the motion, face, body, 4mp sound detection and tracking facility with a 360-degree view will give you a plus point for sure. 

Thirdly, you can control everything from the MIPC app and customise accordingly. Go to the app setting section and maintain your outdoor and indoor camera recordings, coverage and others. Fourthly, the camera 8 LED light and color night vision are the best features to capture night movement.

Source: Conico Website

conico wireless camera

Most Importantly, 

The indoor camera or pet camera can 100 degrees vertically cover your home also horizontally cover the 355 degrees. If you do not have much time to monitor, simply share your monitor screen with others from the MIPC app and do your important work.

Also, the waterproof and dustproof facility will be adding a bonus to it. Along with everything, you might want a long-lasting camera that works well in any season. So, the Conico surveillance camera can monitor and deliver quality recording even from -2 degree F to 131 degrees F.

Some Cons of this Camera:

It is pretty challenging to find some minus features of a good camera; still, as a reviewer, I need to share my opinion. The conico camera is a budget-friendly and valuable camera, but the company did not adequately convey the warranty period and the product’s materials. Also, they did not talk about the ideal battery power structure, what would be the perfect thing to operating! 

However, if you are looking for two cameras under $100, the conico is the best home surveillance camera. Try it by yourself now.

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6. Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Surveillance Camera 

Finally, we are into the last camera review on this series. I’m pretty sure that you already heard about the Arlo company. Arlo already has several camera series, and we picked the latest version of it. We will review the Arlo pro four cameras, which comes with a pack of 3 cameras. So, you have enough option to monitor from different angles. Let’s check some features first.

Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Surveillance Features:

  • Wireless and fully wi-fi operated camera.
  • Can record 2k video, movement with HDR option.
  • You can get a clear colour night vision. 
  • Arlo not only monitors people movement but also can track packages and vehicles movement.
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.
  • Two-way function to operate better.
  • It has a siren to take action quickly.
Arlo home cctv

Top Benefits of the Arlo:

As you already know that it comes with 3 cameras and you can place those wherever you want. Secondly, you can zoom your view to notice an unwanted movement. The whole night color view and recordings are some of the best things I have seen on Arlo. Thirdly, you also get a quick notification to take immediate action. Finally, the Arlo provide you with intelligent trial features. So, take a trial and find out if it is work best or not.  

Cons of the Arlo Bundle:

In my opinion, along with others features, the Arlo have some of the same features as the previous four cameras. But the main difference is the price; it’s a bit on the higher side. Also, the company does not clearly speak about features, and users shared the review of neither good nor bad. Now, if you go for the brand, then go for it. 

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Conclusion of 5 Best Home Surveillance

Overall I can say that each surveillance camera has some unique features and some standard features. But it would be best if you bought according to your need and demand. I picked the US top 5 best home surveillance camera according to consumers need and request, also reviewed well so that you do not have any single doubt of any features. 

If you are looking for two cameras to operate both indoor and outdoor, go for the conico camera. But if you are looking for the best features of home CCTV then go for the reolink surveillance camera or go with Arlo pro 4.