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Are you ready to reveal those Weight Loss Tips which I bet you never heard – so, how many tips and tricks had you followed so far? Maybe hundred. I can understand your problem; you find lots of tips on the internet, but cant you lose weight naturally? Because sometimes it is workable for you and sometimes not, and you become frustrated with it.

In this blog, you would not get any particular food items or diet charts because I hope you might know, but you will get those workable techniques that will help you lose weight naturally and so for you. Now, let’s check out those fantastic tips below.

You will get to know,

  1. Do You Need to Lose Weight?  
  2. Four Unrevealed Weight Loss Tips
  3. Weight Loss Tips at Home
  4. How to Lose Weight Naturally
  5. Summery
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need To Lose Weight?

Before you start looking into this blog, you must need to know about yourself. Firstly, you need to be sure about your goals for weight loss. Why do you need this?  Is that to impress someone? Is it for good health? is it to overcome laziness?   Or for any other reason.

Then, you need to check the chart below. As per the nutritionists and doctors report, you need to check the weight before you lose or gain weight. Then it would be best if you calculated your health metrics, like BMI. If your weight, BMI are ideal according to your age, you do not need to lose or gain weight. That means you are naturally healthy and beautiful. Secondly, you also need to know your health problems; some people believe that they need to lose weight because it suddenly increases or vice versa. So, before you conclude with any decision, it is better to consult any doctor. Weight loss or gain within a short period may cause health issues. But still, if you need to lose weight or want to reduce some fat on a specific area of your body, then follow on.


2. Four Unrevealed Weight Loss Tips

Follow on the previous discussion, and we are now moving to your favourite topic. Are there any tips that never revealed? If I say yes, what would be your reaction? Some information should never highlight other tips like following these food charts, health drinks, shakes, or some exercises that lose weight. But we will discuss some helpful, practical, workable and most valuable tips for all time.

Food Measurement

Track Your Weight and increment

Firstly, if you are not tracking your regular weight increment or decrease meant, then you might be on the wrong path. It would be best if you built a habit of checking your weight daily. Now, this time you might have a question that, why it is related to weight loss? When you track your body weight, you can understand the difference in weight increment of last week to this week or even follow your increment of the previous month, year to today onwards. It will help you to create a better diet chart to notice your overall health and, of course, for weight loss and gain.


Find How To Loss Weight At Home

For this reason, you need an advanced tracking measurement gadget on your home; of course, you do not have much time to go to any medical centre or hospital. Also, some weighing scale integrated some advanced techniques that can sync with fitness apps, so it is better to invest some money on a weighing scale for valuable results. You can check our review of the Best Weight Measurement (link weight scale) Gadgets in the USA market in 2021. 

Change Your Life by Tracking Food 

I’m sorry! Do you get shocked to see this? As I said earlier, I’m going to tell you some unrevealed tips, so you need to expect some uniqueness. The question is how to track foods? Now, you might be thinking that so I need to avoid spicy, oily, junk foods, tracking my food habits. So, the answer is partially no; of course, you need to avoid junk foods, fast foods and eat less red meat to lose weight, but our main focus is to measure your food. After that, it can track your food habits. 

As you can notice earlier that you need to track your weight but what if you could not measure and track your foods that you are eating every day? Does that make sense to check weight regularly? What will you get? A continuous increment if you eat heavy foods most of the time or vice versa for decrease meant. For this, you need food measurement materials in your home. A kitchen weighing scale will be a good option for tracking your foods, calories and overall measurement. When you eat healthy with perfect measure, you do not need to think about spices and ingredients. You can eat whatever you like to eat; you need a calorie chart of the food and perfect measurement. You can also check our review of some fantastic food weighing Scales for the ultimate measure. To know more about healthy diet tips, click here

Eating habit weight loss tips

Lose Weight by Doing Nothing

What! Is that possible to lose weight without doing anything? You heard right; there are some techniques you can quickly remind and can apply to your daily routine as you know that some drinks can reduce body fat, but you also need to exercise some. But, when you eat slowly, it can also reduce fat. How? 


Let me tell you one common mistake that most people make in their life. Sometimes we love some foods, and when we get those foods, we drive to them. But firstly, you need to eat slowly and steadily; when you eat slowly, you will notice that after sometimes later, you feel complete and do not want to eat anything else. In this process, you eat less, and that will lose your body fat. 

Secondly, whenever you eat something, then a piece is to chew at least 32 times before swallowing. Keep in mind that it is an effective technique of all time. It helps a lot of people to lose weight. Because when you invest of eating each bite with many times, in one hand it increases the blood circulation of your mouth and in the other hand it will help your weight loss to eat minimum but sufficient.

Lastly, never eat one or two dishes in your meal. Always prefer different food tests in your feed, such as sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. When you taste other foods with the above two techniques, then you will notice the overall difference in your life. 

Listen and Follow Weight Loss Tips

So, as you can understand why I said that lose weight without doing anything. It’s all about your habit and specifically your eating habits. You eat foods for surviving, so it is as good as doing nothing. You do not need to do heavy workouts ( if you love to create an incredible body and do exercise for good health, then you can do exercise); busy individual people like me can follow those simple techniques and include them in your daily life better results. Now, we shall move to the next point.

weight loss tips number one- different salt

Ultimate Weight Loss Tips – Less Salt or No Salt 

Yes, you heard right, eat no salt or reduce the salt quantity in your food can make a massive difference in weight if you want to lose weight. This is another powerful technique that few people know as we all know that salt is an essential factor in our cooking and our body. But when it comes to weight loss, you need to cut off the salt. I know you never think to eat something without salt. Because the taste of a food matter on salt, if not there, how would the taste? 

Life Saver Weight Loss Tips

In my experience, when I reduce salt on food, I ate some less tasty food, but in the long run, I lose weight. In the beginning, you can not eat without salt, so you just cut the salt amount, and two or three months later, you can notice the difference in your weight; it will lesser than previous. If it is too hard to digest than the regular white salt, you should start using the healthiest salt, like Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, french grey salt, fleur de sel salt or black salt etc. But you also need to follow some other techniques as well. When you eat with less salt some days, you will build a new habit. After that, you can also eat without salt one day. That will reduce your body fat.

That’s it, the above 4 tips are sufficient enough to lose weight, and it is my formula that I discovered and share with you. If you follow those techniques, then you can notice the difference.

Now, are you excited about the following topic? Then keep reading.


3. Weight Loss Tips at Home

As we are talking about some powerful techniques to reduce weight, then let’s continue with this. You already knew some of the powerful methods above. Therefore next is how to implement it in your daily life? 

First thing first, do household work. You might be don’t like housework, yes, same as me. But you can do small things like washing your clothes, clean your room, cook for yourself and once a month swift your wardrobes. If you do this, number 1. will change the overall look and reduce body fat.

Yoga is on the Way

Secondly, freehand exercises or yoga. Not everyone has much time to go to the gym so that you can do yoga or workout at home for 5 minutes daily. If you do not do any exercise for a long time, then start with essential training for 5 minutes. It is as good as doing nothing. You can find thousands of videos on YouTube, find something that you can start with and keep in mind that don’t start with any heavy workout. Keep it small, easy to do, and continue exercise and later increase the timing 5 to 15 minutes. 

Thirdly, do your favorite works. Do you notice how athlete have a robust and good figure? They do heavy workout to become firm, but you can still have the exact good figure without heavy exercise. So, you can do skipping, walking around at home. You can do as well, for example- swimming, jogging, ski, surfing and cycling etc. I know those are some outside things, but all are very much effective on weight loss. You can try it out and then believe.

Now, finally, we are at the last point of the whole discussion.

4. How to Lose Weight Naturally

If you read from the start, you can already realize that our main motive is to share the most effective and easily workable tricks to lose weight. 

As you can read earlier in the number two-point, four techniques are the most valuable and the most workable techniques for sure. I will summarize it once more time for you.

Weight Loss Steps

Firstly, track your weight daily or once a week. Keep a diary or notebook and write down your measurements. It will help you to remind the overall increment or decrement of your weight. Better to read the above point once more.

After that, you need to track your calories, food measurement. How many calories you take in a day that matter a lot in weight loss. You can buy a kitchen weighing scale for tracking the food. When you track your eating measurement, you will know what you should eat to lose weight. As per the data, every time you eat, the protein, carbohydrate, mineral, fibre should be on your plate. So, for weight loss, you need perfect healthy but minimum food.

Next is to eat slowly, steadily, chew a piece at least 32 times, eat the different taste of food within a meal and enjoy your meal as much as possible.

Finally, use less salt or eat without salt in your food.  

weight loss steps infographics

My Experience

All techniques are very effective on weight loss; people get very positive results and lose weight naturally from those simple methods. I followed and got a good body, so; you can track everything and tell me in the comment section that is helpful for you or not.

So, is there anything else that can also help us to reduce weights? Umm, yes, some other methods can help you too. Example- Drink water as much as possible, do not skip breakfast, avoid street foods, drink detox water, sleep well, eat fresh foods, and avoid freeze-dried, dehydrated foods and love yourself. These are some negligible but helpful easy tips for weight loss.


When you do what you love, everything becomes so easy. You can not believe that if you want to do something that you do not like, you do not get a result. But when you do something that you love, then you get an amazing result. Same as for weight loss. As I told you at the beginning that knows your body and knows yourself first. After that, you can lose weight quickly.

After reading the whole blog, you understand that you do not need any diet chart or cut down any favorite food; only the above weight loss tips are strong enough to lose body fat. Many people are practically implementing above all techniques, and they naturally lose their weight. If you still waiting for something else, then you will miss the best piece of the cake. Let’s implement those tricks in your life and see the result—all the best for your weight loss journey.


Frequently Asked Questions